Camino – Why Did We Do It With the Kids?

Everyone was saying: It’s crazy to take the girls! Three small kids! Are you sure? Today’s post is based on comments of this type, if you didn’t follow us during the trip, go back and read it from Day 1. I’m gonna list here some reasons why we took the kids to the Camino, but I start saying that the question shouldn’t be “Why taking the kids to the Camino?”, but indeed “Why NOT?” [...]

Camino – Day 2

We walked less but got more tired. See the mistake we’ve made. [...]

Camino – Day 1

Today was our first day. We left León and started walking towards Santiago de Compostela. Lots of hill climbing, a lot of weight, we walked a lot, but we learned a lot as well. We learned also how to use some services that can make the Camino easier. [...]

We’re back, but we’re leaving

Back to being active on the blog, the Alves Passos are going on a family adventure: walking part of the Camino de Santiago. Not as a pilgrimage, as many do it, not only to do a backpacking trip with the kids, but also to share with people about the Way, the Truth and the Life: Jesus, [...]