Aurora Hunting with the Kids

We’ve been to the Viking World, to lakes and hot springs, among other activities. But will we be able to see the Northern Lights? [...]

Holidays again

The Alves Passos family is on holidays again! This time in Iceland [...]

February 2012 – Lapland trip

Hi guys, I wrote last year the post below to help people to see the Northern Lights without the need to spend 2k+

Chasing the Northern Lights

This post will show some pictures of the trip itself, we went by plane from Bodo and returned by plane from Tromso, however, you can do everything by [...]

Chasing the northern lights

Chasing northern lights or aurora borealis (yes, the dancing lights in the sky)

Where to go? When to go? How much does it cost? How long does it take to arrive there? What should I take with me?

Okay guys, first of all you need to know that I’m a budget traveller and what [...]