Welcome to 2013!

And as in any new year you receive a “blank page” that you can fill with your plans, thoughts, promises, actions, adventures and so on. It actually starts in December, when you start thinking what really you really didn’t like about the year and decide that for sure it is going to change after the 31st, or you look back on your frustrations, things you wanted but didn’t achieve during the year. Those are the so called new year’s resolutions!

Did you do yours? I’ve thought about some of them, but unlike I’ve been doing the past few years, I didn’t write them down, YET. December (and the 2 months before that) was crazy busy in this house, so I didn’t have much spare time. Between sickness, visitors, Christmas with a full house, unplanned trips and a crying baby day and night, I didn’t really have much time to think and was basically running on autopilot.

When I was thinking about my “resolutions”, I decide not to stick with the common, broad ones. I’ve seen how long term goals can help, but if we’re not specific about them or about progress they may end up being my next year’s resolutions too. If you Google the most common resolutions you’ll see that losing weight is one of them, probably because people just write it doen and never take any actions about it. Yes, I plan doing that. No, actually my “resolution” is to KEEP losing weight, because I did get quite thinner this year, even after having the baby (and yes, I know exactly how much I want to shed, and up to when, and how to get there!)

But, I don’t want to write just about common new year’s resolutions and the fact that I’m back to my wedding weight. I didn’t write it down my resolutions yet because I don’t want them to be me-directed. I didn’t write them down yet because, not because I didn’t have time to think or physically write them, but because I didn’t take time to PRAY about them.

I don’t want my 2013 to be Mariana-led. I want it to be God-led. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that my previous years haven’t been. I’m here in Ireland because God gave me and Esdras a clear direction to come and when to come. But there have been some stuff that He’s been pointing to me all through last year that I didn’t change and I’m willing to rely on Him to do it now.

Perhaps the first thing you need to do is decide to live a God-led 2013?! Perhaps you’ve gone astray of God’s path, God’s word, God’s people?! Perhaps you need a major change that will start by giving your life up to your Creator by trusting Jesus as your Savior?

I don’t know where you’re at, but I know some of the changes I have to make… And those are not the type of things like planting a tree that you do in a day. The changes I need to make are those that will demand daily efforts and commitments. I’ll have to work on something that I was never good at: being consistent/persistent.

Maybe that’s the change you need to make as well. But if you’re a Christian like me, you can cling to the promise that Jesus made “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20) If you’re not a Christian, maybe that’s the change 2013 is holding for you!

My prayer is that we live a God-led 2013! Happy New Year!

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