I’m sorry for my last posts have started with an apology. Sorry for this one as well. But keeping a blog is not easy, especially when I do another thousand things, all at once. I didn’t manage to post even once a month, nevermind every week!

So, the blog has dropped in my list of priorities. :(

I know it’s nearly March, but I want to wish you all a Happy 2014, because I didn’t say it here yet. (Hey, better late than never!)

For those who don’t know, AlvesPassos #3 is on the way! Yes! We’re pregnant again! Nearly four months now, and because it’s the third pregnancy (and because my bump grew REALLY fast this time) it feels like I’ve been pregnant forever :)

Other plans and projects:

- Evelyn and Melissa are very active. They never stop talking and singing. It’s very cute, but it can be tiring at times. Especially being pregnant and having bad/short nights of sleep. They still don’t go to any school. Evelyn will start pre-school n September, and Melissa only next year. So, I need loads of creativity and energy to keep them busy, and to educate them (besides cleaning the house, washing/folding/organizing clothes, cooking, discipleship and church meetings, and time for the husband!)

- Besides the 12-hour shift with the girls, while they are awake, I’m also working every evening. Does anyone remember what my profession is (besides being a mother?) This current project I’m working with is very different from all the others I had before, but I’m learning a lot from it and it’s been worth joining it.

- In my free time (does that even exist?) I make planks for the new house. Yes! We’re moving again. At the moment, Esdras and some friends are paiting everything, then we’ll have to buy furniture (nearly everything) and move, in 1 month!

- And still, after all, we’ll go on a family holidays in the end of March (after moving houses), so I still have to save time to plan what to do in the trip…

*yawn* did I make you tired? I know, it makes me want to go straight to bed and sleep… but I can’t. My work shift has started… ONE HOUR ago! I gotta run!

Do you remember my profession?

May God bless your coming weeks! I’ll be surely busy ;)

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