Happy birthday to me

Hi there! For those who are following our memorization process, here’s this week’s Bible verse:

Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen.
1 Timothy 1:17

Yesterday was my birthday!

It’s not like birthday is the perfect day anymore. Nowadays if one or two things work well, I’m ok, even if the rest of the day goes out of tune. Yesterday, my husband and my daughters brought me breakfast in bed, but the car didn’t work for me to drive the kids to school. One of our neighbors kindly offered to drive the oldest to school, while I carried the other on my back half-way to preschool, and hurt my back because of that… But I’m happy! I’ve completed 31 years of life, praise God. A lot of people don’t like to tell their age, but I don’t mind. In fact, for what I want to say today it’s actually better if I “reveal” this information, because I’ve got a present that wanted for many years.

Since I was a child I loved to watch people play violin. I always thought that the sound of the violin was the most beautiful of all instruments. And when I told my mom that I loved it, she said we wouldn’t have money neither to buy the instrument, nor to pay for classes. We had a piano at home, but I never even got interested in learning. If I was to learn anything it HAD to be the violin (childish, I know!) So I ended up not learning either piano or violin.

My 5 year old daughter, Evelyn, also has this passion for violin. We were once in Galway, walking on Shops Street where there are many people playing instruments or doing other performances, and she stopped hypnotized by 4 girls. One of the was playing the celo and the other 3 playing violins. They could barely hear each other because of the noise of the street, and played more than one tune our of sync, but Evelyn didn’t blink while the songs were playing.

In sum, we ended up looking for classes for her. The music school that teaches the Suzuki method was fully booked, and they had no teachers in our town. But there’s this group called Comhaltas that works on promoting Irish culture. They have groups for literature, to speak Irish language and other stuff to pass on Irish culture. Music included! And guess what? Violin is included used in Irish traditional music. Even better, they have a teacher in a village 5 min away from our town. Just perfect!

She was excited, then she changed her mind and didn’t want it anymore after the first class, because there was no violin for her (it’s a group lesson). On the second class, the teacher managed to relocate her violins and Evelyn borrowed one. “Mommy! I’m gonna take the violin home!” she screamed when I came to collect her. And she reminded me to take the violin out to play every day, as it should be.

Even if she was making screechy sounds (as any beginner will do) and struggling to hold the bow the right way, seeing my daughter holding a violin lit up my old dream. I tried to drop the hint to get one for Christmas and it didn’t work, so I asked for one as a birthday present! God is GOOD!

Twenty something years dreaming about playing a violin, and now I’m learning together with my princess. Another prayer answered. Don’t rush, keep praying, God is listening and He will answer at the right time.

Grace and peace to you. Have a blessed weekend!

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