Alves Passos are back

Yes, back to the blog, but not back to Ireland yet. And if you think we are still in Budapest, I think you got lost in all of our changes LoL!

We left Ireland and went to Budapest/Hungary to wait until Esdras had his visa issued. After that we had a nice “vacation” trip to Venice/Italy where we met Esdras’s brother. The original plan was that I would go back to Hungary with Evelyn and wait until there was something already set for Esdras’s Italian citizenship, but as things were set faster than we expected we ended up staying here, the 3 of us.

Now we are at the Veneto region, surrounded bu mountains!

The changes were very drastic and it wasn’t easy for an almost-6-months-old baby (like when Evelyn left Ireland). It wasn’t easy to sleep on the floor for a few days, it wasn’t easy to get used to a new house, it wasn’t easy to get used to a new cot. And when we left our “home”, she used to sleep through the night, when we arrived in Budapest she woke up every hour at night, and the sleepless nights had a huge impact on me…

The worst part is that there have been so many changes that we didn’t know what was the problem, we only knew that she would keep waking up… after a while we found out she was all itchy, day and night (of course at night it was worse…) We thought the problem was the milk because we’ve changed the brand (in Hungary there was not the same formula brand we used in Ireland), then we though it was the food because we’ve given her jar food, we changed everything and nothing would make it better… when we arrived in Italy it seemed she was a bit better but it was for a short time. I decided to take Evelyn to a doctor (no, I don’t speak that much Italian but the doctor speaks English!)

The doctor told me to stop all the foods to test if it was the milk and if it was to change for a no lactose formula. We did as he said, tried different milks and it didn’t get better (and it gave her an upset tummy!) The doctor also told me that although he thought it was too early it was a good idea to do the allergy tests. We then saw an pedriatric allergy doctor (this time in Italian alone, but that’s the way we learn isn’t it?!) and the first thing she said was to wash her clothes ONLY with glicerine soap. Then she set up the appointment for the test!

The test hat 3 stages: blood tests and skin test with fresh food and with essences. Evelyn cried only a little bit for the blood tests, even tough the skin test was a “prick test”. What we could see very clearly on the skin test is she’s allergic to EGGS! No milk, no types of meat, nothing that I have (I have allergy to a lot of foods!) The doctor also said not to give her chicken and apple. She prescribed creams that worked!! Evelyn is now a new baby!

Now  our fight is against the bureocracy of the travel insurance, but I’m so happy her skin is better and that she doesn’t tell herself apart with her finger nails that I’m not really upset with that.

When we left Ireland she wasn’t 6 months old yet, now she’s 7 months! Over the past 2 weeks she learned to do a lot of stuff: she sits upright, she speaks a lot of well defined sounds (papa, baba, tata, dada) and she started crawl very fast (on her tummy, not on her knees!). She’ll soon be sitting up and running around the house!! O.o

Well, that’s all folks. I will sit and write another day, I promise. This experience of having no home is not easy, but we know who is in control and we thank our Lord and God for looking after us, taking us by the hand and guiding our steps. We praise Him for finding this doctor that helped Evelyn to recover from this eczema!.

God bless you all!

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