Mariana meets The Doctor

— You saved my life, but I don’t even know who you are!

— I’m the Doctor—said he, with his dark, striped suit, leaning at the door of the strange blue box that I’ve never seen in my housing estate before.

— Doctor who?

— Just the Doctor.

— OK, Doctor, you came, saved me, saved the Earth from those horrible monsters. What’s the next step? Are you going home?

— Nope. Let’s say I can’t go home, because my planet is gone. My home is in here at the moment.

— My planet? You mean you’re not human?

— I’m a Time Lord, last of my kind.

— You look human to me, you act as a human too, mostly.— he raised one eyebrow, as I said that—What do you mean by your home is in there? How can you live in a police box? It wasn’t even here this morning!

— Come and see!—he put the key in the keyhole.

— You’re not expecting that I’ll go in, just you and me in that tiny…—he opened the door—thing… How?—I said poking my head in and out of the box.

There, inside what looked like an old police box, was something like a control room. With a huge tube in the middle, a panel with loads of buttons, levers, and one or two screens. It was HUGE!

— Say it. I love this part.

— It’s… it’s bigger inside!

— It’s called the TARDIS, Time And Relative Dimension In Space.

— You said you’re not human, so I suppose this is your space ship—I said, walking slowly towards the center, running my fingers slowly through the rails and looking around.

— Well, it’s not only a space ship, it’s a time machine.

— Flying through time and space! That must be awesome!

— Wanna try? Anywhere and any time you choose.—he pushed some buttons and drew a screen close to himself.

— I can’t—I said, looking at the door.

— Are you sure? What can be better than flying through time and space right now?

— Do you see that light over there?—pointing at the window of a house, right across from the TARDIS’s door.

— Is that your home?

— Not only that, that light means that my baby is still awake. Sorry, but I need to go.

He runs and stops at the door, kind of stopping me from leaving.

— Earth 2050? Mars? Oh Saturn, you mentioned you wanted to see the rings of Saturn.

— I guess you don’t hear a no very often, Doctor. Can you hear my baby cry?

— Yes, so what?

— Oh you probably don’t have kids…—I said trying to go past him.

— I’ve been a dad once… no, twice.

— You mean you have two kids?

— Not exactly, the second time was a bit… complicated. Anyway, don’t worry about your baby. She’s is saying she is not tired, and that she wants to see Peppa Pig. Who’s Peppa Pig?

— How can you know what she’s saying?

— Oh, I speak Baby.—he said with a cheeky smile—It’s a gift of the TARDIS, she translates almost any language.

— Would that work for me too? It would come in handy to be able to understand what my toddler says all the time.

— It won’t work if you leave. Look, you did so great today, I could use your hands on this deck more often—he said, pushing a few buttons and a lever.

— I have four pairs of hands counting that my own hands will be on my own deck tomorrow morning.

— You said tomorrow morning, so we can go now, for just one trip, you choose when and where, and I’ll bring you back to this very moment in today. Nobody is going to even notice that you left.

— But how on the universe will I be able to enjoy seeing planets and stars if I’m so tired, especially after this adventure of today. I haven’t slept well in months. Over a year maybe.

— If you spend a whole week in the TARDIS and come back to this very moment, you can come home rested to your multitude of little hands. Time is not a linear thing.

— Now we’re talking! Should I sleep first, then I decide where to go?

— Allons-y!—he said, closing the door of the TARDIS, and pointing to the console.

I still don’t understand how all that space fits into the blue box. But the Doctor gave me a room in there and I slept better than I had slept in the past few years. I did hear some noise, talking and, dare I say, some explosions?! I’m sure he got in trouble and didn’t want to wake me up. Then we went to see the rings of Saturn and even spotted one of NASA’s probes there. We watched a supernova, and had a chat with the Ood, very weird and sweet creatures. Then he dropped me home to that very moment when my baby was saying she wanted Peppa Pig at 10pm.


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