Mariana and The Force Awakens

If you’ve been following this blog, you know I’m no writer, and no critic. And also that I believe that the Bible is the primary source of teaching about God and everything He created. But as Jesus used to teach his disciples using things that were right there before their eyes, I believe that He still does it. After all, the Jesus that walked on this earth, teaching Peter, James, John, and the others, is the same who still lives and reigns, and teaches us through the Holy Spirit.

Last Thursday, Esdras and I watched StarWars – The Force Awakens. (NO spoilers here! Go ahead!)

Before I start, I want to leave my disclaimer: I’m not fanatic about Star Wars; I didn’t read or watch everything about George Lucas or the saga itself (and probably never will); what I write here is not the “absolute truth”,  it’s my impressions and what I feel I’ve been learning after watching The Force Awakens (and the older movies too), and you might disagree with me, which is OK.

For those who like action, adventure and special effects, Star Wars - The Force Awakens is great! Even if you didn’t watch the previous movies, this one is REALLY GOOD! But because of all the reference to the past relations between Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Hans Solo you might fall into the temptation (like me) of wanting to know more about them. Nothing wrong with this. I know lots of fans of this (and other) series, or fans of a specific director or actor, who know everything about them without losing the focus in life.

I’m easily sidetracked, and I tend to fall into idolatry. That’s me. And in the last few days I’ve been spending hours watching the older Star Wars trilogies, other videos related (interviews, biographies etc). I didn’t remember the story in the first three movies (I was born after 1977, much after the first movie was released), so I watched them to catch up on Luke Starwalker’s story. And as I type this English version of the post I have also watched Episodes I and II as well (because I’ve watched them before but my memory is not the same after having kids).

But before I lost my focus, and started to “search my feelings”, I prayed and asked God to teach me something with all this Star Wars fever. As he used fish, nets, and seeds to teach his disciples and the multitudes, I asked him to use the Empire, the Jedi, the First Order and even the Force to teach me about God’s Kingdom and my life as a disciple.

Look, you’ll probably not going to read or hear me say “God said this”, because I take His name seriously, and it’s a big responsibility to say he spoke something. But I’ve been learning. Like Luke and Anakin (in the old movies), Rey, Finn (?), and Kylo Ren learn about the Force and how to use it, I learn about my role in the Kingdom and about staying in tune with the Holy Spirit. If you’re not a Christian, this will probably not make any difference in your life, but if you are, I hope my experience helps you too. If you’re grounded in the Truth of God’s Word you don’t need to be afraid of the Force :)

Everyone has a very strong sense of purpose in this saga (even the droids!) and I think that it is one of the things that hooked me the most (and the family relations too.) Even some characters that, for a moment, seem to have lost their goal in life find their place again. I had a time when I lost my purpose. Coming from such a disciple-making-oriented background, it was very difficult to attribute importance to my role as a mother (I was stuck in the house with small kids.) Skywalker and crew traveled solar systems saving the universe, and I was here folding my kids laundry and saving dinner. But the time I spent with my children has more eternal value than destroying the Death Star.

Luke Skywalker didn’t have a lot of patience when he went to meet Master Yoda and receive his Jedi training. And he used to put his own decisions and feelings over important decisions. I don’t know if he has acquired more patience in this new trilogy, but I keep repeating the same lesson every single day…

Obi Wan Kenobi felt like a failure for not being able to train Anakin to control his feelings. But he played a key role in awakening the Force in Luke and in his training. I have to keep this in my heart too, in case my kids decide not to follow God…

There’s a huge difference in self-control between Darth Vader and Kylo Ren. Vader simply turns back and retreats into his quarters when his plans fail. I react more like Kylo Ren… (you’ll have to watch The Force Awakens to know.)

It’s interesting how the Jedi close their eyes and focus on the Force, even in the middle of the most chaotic situations! That reminded me of Nehemiah, praying as he was going to meet with the King of Persia. I need to use this resource more often, to concentrate in God and make the right decision, or say the right thing (at the right tone).

God is not the Force. God doesn’t have a a Dark side. God is LIGHT! The Bible says that Jesus is the light of the world, and that He is the only way to God. The dark path is a path WITHOUT God. The things He created are never more powerful than the Creator!

Power corrupts. That’s no news. Anakin Skywalker had all the potential to be the best Jedi and was corrupted by the dark side, the promise of being more powerful. In Christian churches today, many people come thinking about following Jesus, but are corrupted by the power of influence they gain, or the position they’re given, or even by money. That’s why we need to keep the Word of God as our mirror. Are we really living (or trying to live) what’s written, or are we seeking power to put our plans into practice like Anakin?

And there’s a sentence that doesn’t leave my mind, spoken by Luke about Vader, and by Leia in the new movie: “There’s still good in him, I feel it!” Darth Vader thought it was too late to leave the dark side, but Luke believed (and insisted) until the end, proving that it was possible even for Vader to come back to the light. I know so many people who think it’s too late to come to God, or that what they’ve done is unforgivable. But it’s NEVER too late to come back to God. He’s always forgiving because Jesus paid the price for ALL sins, and God ALWAYS gives us opportunities to repent.

Luke insiste para Vader resistir à vontade do Imperador

There’s a lot much more going on in my mind now, but I don’t want to spoil the movie for those who didn’t watch it yet. Maybe I’ll talk about that again when more people have watched #TheForceAwakens :)

Happy Christmas! The reason we Alves Passos celebrate it is that our God, the God of the Bible, loved us all (the whole world) so much that He sent His only Son to be born as a man, live without sin, and pay for our sins on the cross. Salvation is the best present that we can ever receive, because it’s the only one that lasts forever!

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