Lapland adventure – Feb-2013

Hi guys,

I’m writting this from inside a train going from Stockholm/Sweden to Narvik/Norway.

I will post some pictures and some info, but don’t expect much since the Internet here and the conditions are not very favorable.

The RyanAir flight from Dublin to Stockholm was fine but they did not play the song since it was not very on time (kind of).

The bus from the airport was fine, I was very worried in because there was a major disruption on the road going to Stockholm (due to snow), but it ended up well.

The train is great, we are sleeping in 6 beds carriages and it’s not bad, they provide linen, water, power sockets and light. There is a restaurant in the train and I got a cup of hot water to prepare my soup :)

Our next stop is Boden and from there we will stop for a night in Abisko to visit the Sky Station, From Abisko we are going to Narvik and from there to Tromso. Wow! Its a great adventure! (Later update, Sky station was fully booked, but we had a great time in Abisko)

Our group at the Dublin airport

Inside the train

** this post was edited/updated after the trip ended**

Me again, after trip now. :-)

After ~12 hours on the train we arrived in Boden,  the guys were doing great. No complaints and enjoying every moment. My 5 cents for you, don’t join a trip like this if you don’t like adventure.

At  Boden station waiting for our next train to Narvik.

Man, I know that sounds funny and even silly but this was my second time crossing the Arctic circle by train and I was very excited when that happened… We all have a desire to go beyond our limits and cross the borders that are difficult, going far like this is something that makes me think about our limits. What limits do you have in your life? Don’t allow the situation you are living or the wrong voices limit yourself. 

N 66′ 42.

Abisko Turistation! They are very good, they even have their own train station… We just loved that hostel! And we did not know it but that would be our best Aurora night, the Aurora was dancing in different colors and shapes.

Great! We arrived on our first destination Abisko!

We were: Hungry – Tired – Sleepy – Excited

That may be the first night that my 4 friends would see the famous Aurora.

Question for you, how long have you being waiting for something? Don’t give up!

After a meal and leaving our stuff in the room we went to chase the lights, 7:15pm was the time showing on the clock and our walk to the frozen lake without light pollution would take around 20 minutes.

 That’s it! We went twice that night to chase the lights and we saw fantastic displays both times.  Me and the guys were tired and we almost canceled the second walk, however, I did not traveled 20 hours to give up! The picture below were taken during our second walk.

Now we woke up at 7am to catch the train to Narvik, from there we will get a bus to Tromso where we will collect our car. Narvik is a lovely little town and the train journey was amazing…

The train was going through fjords and the red/orange light from the dawning of the day was creating a perfect scenery.

We arrived in Narvik around 9:40 and the bus to Tromso will departure at 12:50, 5 hours inside a bus! Again, beautiful way to Tromso, the guys could not sleep because the Mountains on the way were speaking loud.

While in Tromso we got the car and went to our Cabin, really perfect place for us! 

This is the view from the front of our Cabin, our car there rented with, which again provided a great service for the adventure. No surprises, the car just worked and drove us where we wanted. Thanks Avis!

The Cabin was fantastic, the camping site name is Strandbu and it’s a family business. Very little light pollution as you can see on this image and the provided for us as much logs we wanted to burn in our stove.

Comfortable, cozy and clean. What more should we ask for?

That’s it really. I won’t cover here our adventures there, but we went to the Finish border and got -19C over there brrrrrr! Beautiful location!

I will finish this post with our group picture, thanks for reading this! If you want more information about the aurora or our adventures you can visit

PS. We spent ~550 Euro each including food and diesel for the whole adventure!

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