February 2012 – Lapland trip

Hi guys, I wrote last year the post below to help people to see the Northern Lights without the need to spend 2k+

Chasing the Northern Lights

This post will show some pictures of the trip itself, we went by plane from Bodo and returned by plane from Tromso, however, you can do everything by train buying the super duper Minipris offers on the (Norwegian train website)

This is Oslo, our first stop on the Northern Lights pursuit. We all dream of something or someplace we want to visit and explore. Many of us believe our dreams are too difficult to ever come to fruition and even when they are possible sometimes our budget won’t allow us access to them. I will describe, using this set of 5 photos, how we saw the Northern Lights spending a fifth of the price required by the main travel agencies to see the Aurora. Firstly, cheap airlines offer return tickets to Oslo (from the major European Capitals) for ~ 50 Euro return, if bought in advance.

  When we reach Oslo the real adventure starts, we are heading deep into the Polar Circle and the train journey for 50 Euro return is a bargain of a lifetime. After 8 hours inside the train, travelling through many snow engulfed parts of Norway, we eventually arrived in Trondheim.From there we had 10 more hours of travel time left. Our destination was Bodø, a town ~100km north of the Arctic Circle.

The Lyngen Alps are ~350km north of the Polar Circle. Renting a car allowed us to find cheap accommodation, (typically B&Bs and log cabins) and more importantly to find clear skies to see the lights. Driving in the North Pole was something very special – the stunning views and beautiful skyline were mesmerising all along the way. The colour and light of the place felt like we were in another world. No buildings or pollution, no traffic noise or sirens, the only sound comes from the water, wind and wildlife.

After two hours of driving we had to stop at a beach near Skibotn, in the Troms County. The sky was clear and the Tricky Lady, as the northern lights are also called, was starting to show up. After an hour or so, the sky began to be painted with a Green Brush, the full moon and the stars seemed only a supporting act to the stunning Aurora display.

This picture was taken ~400km north of the Polar Circle at Skibotn, it’s definitely an unearthly experience. The beauty in the sky is different every time and it is a challenge to even attempt to explain the feeling you have when seeing it. The picture helps to explain what it looks like and how mesmerising it is.  This was the last night in Norway. This shows how possible it is to fulfil your dreams if you are willing to leave your comfort zone and think outside the box.

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