Life with 3

Life and travel with 3 kids. Too expensive? Too hard? It all depends of the perspective, or your priorities. [...]

Mariana meets The Doctor

First time Mariana met the Doctor, he invited her to see all the universe. But how would she deal with the tiredness after all that adventure? [...]

Aurora Hunting with the Kids

We’ve been to the Viking World, to lakes and hot springs, among other activities. But will we be able to see the Northern Lights? [...]

Holidays again

The Alves Passos family is on holidays again! This time in Iceland [...]

Stationary holidays

The Alves Passos have been in another trip. From Ireland to France by ferry, staying in a mobile home, in a campsite. Very different from the Camino, but as fun as that! [...]

Camino – Why Did We Do It With the Kids?

Everyone was saying: It’s crazy to take the girls! Three small kids! Are you sure? Today’s post is based on comments of this type, if you didn’t follow us during the trip, go back and read it from Day 1. I’m gonna list here some reasons why we took the kids to the Camino, but I start saying that the question shouldn’t be “Why taking the kids to the Camino?”, but indeed “Why NOT?” [...]

Camino – Mission Accomplished

The Alves Passos are back home! Now we’ll have time to look back and see what we’ve learned from the trip. [...]

Camino – Day 11

Tomorrow is the last day! We walked from Brea to Vilamaior in Lavacolla, discovered the meaning of some stuff regarding the way and found our really nice accomodation. [...]

Camino – Day 10

(Português) Décimo dia, não andamos. Pernas doendo muito, resolvemos pegar um ônibus e aproveitar um dia de descanso e recuperação. [...]

Camino – Day 9

English version coming soon


Hoje pela manha, deixamos a cidade de Palas de Rei. Saímos bem tarde. As noites têm sido difíceis com bebê acordando muitas vezes, Melissa se mexendo muito e caindo da cama e as tosses todas, então decidimos não correr de manhã.

É o nono dia de caminhada e dona da [...]