Mariana meets The Doctor

First time Mariana met the Doctor, he invited her to see all the universe. But how would she deal with the tiredness after all that adventure? [...]

We’re back, but we’re leaving

Back to being active on the blog, the Alves Passos are going on a family adventure: walking part of the Camino de Santiago. Not as a pilgrimage, as many do it, not only to do a backpacking trip with the kids, but also to share with people about the Way, the Truth and the Life: Jesus, [...]

Real Life and PPD

Andrea Alves Passos was born on the first of August 2014, at 8am sharp. She was the only of my babies who was born in the morning and she came in a different labor room than the other 2 girls. Gorgeous, smaller than the others, but still big: 8lb 5oz (3.77kg.) She was born with [...]


Mariana decides to post again, after months of “holidays”. [...]

Long time no (decent) post

Good evening!

Let me give you a brief report on how we are doing.

Evelyn, our pretty little princess, talks non-stop, hops the whole day, has been having crying fits and fussing a lot (especially since granma came to spend some time with us.) We’re trying to potty train her and she [...]

Easter is life!


The Christmas new experience

In my last post I said I’d try to post every week and I spent 3 months without posting here! O_o OK, no more promisses… the problem in spending a long time without writing is that I end up having a ton to talk about! Let’s get started!

Two new things happened in the last [...]

Spread the news!

It is interesting to notice that there are things we want to run down the streets telling everyone, right? Some things happen to us that seem to trigger the desire for the whole world to know/notice/see that there’s a change in progress. Two things led me to think about this on the past few days.


Back in Ireland

Coming soon!

Please pray for us while we engage again in this evangelistic programme!

Alves Passos are back

Yes, back to the blog, but not back to Ireland yet. And if you think we are still in Budapest, I think you got lost in all of our changes LoL!

We left Ireland and went to Budapest/Hungary to wait until Esdras had his visa issued. After that we had a nice “vacation” trip [...]