Impact Ireland 2016

Impact Ireland, the first contact that Mariana and Esdras ever had with Ireland. 8 years later it is still happening, now under another point of view. [...]

Sherlock, PJ Masks and the Gift of Being Ordinary

In a bedtime talk, the kids came up saying that mommy was a genius. But it is not exactly what she thinks about herself. [...]

We Are Not Giving Up

The year has just started and your Resolutions have already gone out of the window? I know how it feels, but we’re not giving up just yet! [...]

Happy birthday to me

Remember that childhood dream that you gave up because didn’t have money, or time, or someone to help? Well, mine came true now, on my 31st birthday! Actually, it’s just the beginning because I’m starting to learn to play it. [...]

10 years ago…

January 14th, a day that is worth celebrating and remembering here in our blog! [...]

New Year Resolutions for 2016

Do you usually write down your New Year Resolutions? I used to do it in Brazil, stopped it for a while, then did it again this year. I’m sharing my goals for 2016, nothing too big, all simple and direct. [...]

Mariana and The Force Awakens

I’ve watched Star Wars – The Force Awakens! I don’t want to be a Jedi, I want to be like Jesus. But he’s been using even the Force to teach me about the Kingdom of God! [...]

One Blade (Portuguese translation)

(Português) Neste post eu traduzi um texto de um blog de devocionais para mães (em inglês) que eu sigo. A autora posta textos semanais e todos são muito bons. mas este falou muito comigo. In this post I translated into Portuguese a text of a moms devotional blog that I follow. The author posts weekly and all her texts are great but this text specifically spoke a lot to me. Visit [...]

My New Birthday


Parece que eu comecei o ano olhando pra trás! É que janeiro, para os Alves Passos, é um mês cheio de motivos para comemorar. Já passamos o aniversário de casamento (oba! 7 anos juntos!), na próxima segunda-feira é o meu aniversário de nascimento, e sábado passado [...]


Welcome to 2013!

And as in any new year you receive a “blank page” that you can fill with your plans, thoughts, promises, actions, adventures and so on. It actually starts in December, when you start thinking what really you really didn’t like about the year and decide that for sure it is going to [...]