38 weeks pregnant

Well, we’re getting there!

Pregnancy generally lasts around 40 weeks, so we still have 2 weeks until the so called “due date”. My due date is April 17th. Here in Ireland the doctors still wait until 10 days after the due date to think of what to do. If the mother doesn’t want a c-section [...]

The Christmas new experience

In my last post I said I’d try to post every week and I spent 3 months without posting here! O_o OK, no more promisses… the problem in spending a long time without writing is that I end up having a ton to talk about! Let’s get started!

Two new things happened in the last [...]

Afraid of…

(Sorry if you came here before and found just a weird conversation, it was part of the post, but I have written it only in Portuguese! Now, 2 weeks later, the English version! )

I admire very much the blog writers that post daily… or even weekly! I don’t have this determination But I’ll put [...]

Some news

Here we are, baby and I. 17 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy is being very different from the 1st in some ways… I think what makes the biggest difference is that I could sleep as much as I wanted in the 1st and now… ugh… I’m sleeping really bad now. I don’t know what it is, [...]


Many people is asking me if I’m ready for the baby’s arrival. Well, everything that is material is ready. We earned everything you can imagine and more: we have loads of clothes for the first months, nappies, wipes, bath gel, blankets, towels… everything is materially ready. But what about me? Sometimes that question pops [...]

Are you Curious?

Are you? So are we…

It seems like the closest we get to the due date the more anxious we become. My due date is tomorrow (Sept 14th). Today we went to the hospital, we had an appointment. Her ein Ireland the doctors normally don’t opt for a section unless the mother presents tome [...]

Pregnancy Journal – 1 week left!

I’m back, and still 2 in 1! My friends are placing their bets in relation to what day the baby will be born! Pregnancy normally lasts until the 40th week, I’m on the 39th, so the baby can come any day before or even after next Monday (my due date). Try to guess the [...]

Pregnancy Journal – 2 weeks left!

What preparations are missing yet? Nothing… Only the baby is missing now! hehehe

Yesterday we went to the hospital. It was probably the last scan before we see the baby face to face! The doctor was really nice, but the machine was really old, we got very poor images Esdras thinks it’s a boy, [...]

Pregnancy Journal – 3 weeks left!

Frightening? No, I’m actually very excited for our baby’s arrival!

The room is ready, the hospital bags are packed. The only thing yet to come is the Baby Shower which will happen in September 4th (if the baby doesn’t come before that!) At this stage of pregnancy, the baby is completely formed, only putting [...]

Pregnancy Journal – 18 weeks

oday we end up 18 weeks if pregnancy. Almost half way! Now the bump already appears, I can’t hide it anymore (picture in the end of the post). I can’t eat too much food at once anymore, otherwise I get a heartburn….

I’m looking for a place to work out, actually to swim – which [...]