Camino – 8° dia

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Today was day 8 of our journey. The third or forth in a row that I had close to 4h of sleep. Melissa nearly falling off her bed, Andrea waking up and taking a long time to doze off, indigestion, blocked noses, coughs,  you name it.

Esdras offered me to take a taxi with the baby, to rest and wait for him in the next town but I didn’t come to this trip to just leave him behind with the 2 older girls… my legs hurt, my feet hurt, I’m not having enough sleep but I decided to walk… we did 22.5km yesterday, so I thought we could do at least close to the 24,5km we had planned for today. So we had breakfast in the hotel and left.

Soon after we left the town, there’s a steep road going down, then we crossed the bridge and a long, I mean at least 1km long, steep climb. We “skipped” the mountains in the Camino but there are enough mountains between Sarria and Santiago… legs and feet started to hurt very early. I was already tired when I started to walk because of the bad nights, oh how I regretted not taking that taxi in the morning.

I decided I didn’t want to do the whole 24ish km today. I know Esdras would really enjoy if we did but I wasn’t enjoying it anymore.

So I sat down on a stone to feed Andrea and, of course, everyone stopped to notice we had 3 kids on the Camino. An older lady stuck with us and offered to help pushing the buggy, or carry anything for us, she told me she volunteers in an albergue and that her life was to make other pilgrims walk easier.

I soon learned she was a Christian and she told me about the albergue she volunteers for. They offer free refreshments, they have a shower and they can find people a place to sleep of the “albergue municipal” is full. And more than offering just practical help, they offer the hope in Jesus that they know.

Wow! That has made me forget about the taxi in the morning and want to go there and see it. So I told Esdras that YES! I wanted to get a taxi, but I needed to see this place first. This woman ended up going ahead of us, as she had to serve in the albergue and we stopped to eat. I am in so much pain, both my little toes have blisters since day 2 and now the joint of my big toes hurt a lot too, besides the legs, or course… but when we finally arrived in Ligonde (after a lot of other ups and downs, pain and nausea) and we sat down at La Fuente del Peregrino, it made it all worth it for me.

How great it is to see God’s people mobilised to share His love in such a practical manner!

We took a taxi from there to our next pension in Palas de Rei. That’s where I am now, writing as the owner speaks loudly in the corridor and the noise of the other guests having a shower seems to be inside my bedroom. Bad choice…

Pray for those guys in Ligonde,  pray for the pilgrims that stop by for a chat. Oh those conversations make day!

Praise be to God for the divine appointments we had today and how blessed I was by them!

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