Camino – Day 2

Hi all. I decided to post in English today because I couldn’t write the English versions of the other posts yet.

So, we left the town of Villadangos de Páramo in the morning. The hotel we stayed was great, we asked for a baby cot for Andrea but they didn’t put it in the bedroom. Good thing there were 5 beds in the room, so we could put a mattress on the floor for her :) we all slept well, praise the Lord!

Esdras and I had pain everywhere when we went to bed. Walking 24km pushing a double buggy with 2 kids (18kg + 12kg + buggy weight), around 10kg on our backs and another 7kg of the baby… phew! That was tough for a first day!

Another thing we didn’t count on yesterday was the sun/heat. There were loads of clouds when we were leaving León so we got sun on and off yesterday. Take the coat off… put the coat on… take the coat off… put the coat on… and I got sunburn on my arms (for pushing the buggy) and my face. But that was still day 1.

Day 2: we set out to walk at 9am. We take a long time to pack because the kids are on overtired hyper mode. We’re mainly walking along the Motorway for now. We stopped in San Martin del Camino for lunch (a bocadillo, that’s how they call a big sandwich), we found a tienda (supermarket) and bought some fruit and a very important item: sunscreen (FPS 50).

Hey, that’s important. If you’re walking the Camino you NEED a good sunscreen! It was so cold in Madrid when we arrived that we didn’t consider buying it. But when it gets warm even the hot air under the clouds BURNS!

So, we got the sunscreen, plastered everyone with it and set out to walk again.

Mistake number 2: it was 11:30am when we started to walk again… midday sun. I had to cover my head with a strap from my baby carrier because I didn’t have a hat (or a hood). And because it’s still very early spring, and we’re walking along the main roads (not in the middle of the woods) there’s not a lot of shades/shadows to hide under and take a break.

Oh well. We arrived in one piece at our destination for the day: Hospital de Órbigo. We told the family we were in Hospital de Órbigo and they freaked out thinking we were in hospital, sick or injured. LOL!

Mistake number 3: we didn’t consider daylight savings. It’s Sunday morning now, the kids went to bed really late, we all didn’t have good quality sleep, and we lost 1h of sleep because of the time change. :(

We’re getting ready on Day 3 now. Esdras is cooking some porridge with bananas for our breakfast. We have planned to leave the hotel at 8am but we’re not nearly close to being ready at 7:45. We’re actually letting the kids sleep a bit more.

Our plan for today is walking to Astorga, 16.5km. From then on the inclination is too much for us so we’ll take a train to Ponferrada, where we’ll spend the night.

Hopefully I’ll have the energy to post about Day 3 later.

We’re leaving gospel tracts along the way and meeting people when we stop to eat. Stay with us! Pray for us!

3 comments to Camino – Day 2

  • Pq vcs decidiram percorrer esse caminho com as crianças tao pequenas? Nao tem perigo de assalto?
    Que Deus acompanhe vcs nessa jornada e q possam chegar ao objetivo.

  • Não sei quanto a assalto, Andréa. Acho que onde tem pessoas tem risco de assalto, mas como viemos de cidade grade já andamos com os olhos nas costas. E não é tão deserto assim. Sempre tem peregrinos passando.
    Quanto à motivação, essa é a primeira viagem missionária das nossas filhas. Melhor que seja como família pra que elas aprendam que seguir Jesus e falar do evangelho não são coisas pra se fazer só dentro da igreja. Espero que venham muitas ainda.

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