Camino – Day 1

Today we left the city of León, in Spain, and started walking to Santiago de Compostela.

Before leaving León, we went to one of the albergues to get the pilgrim’s credential. We got one for each, including one for the baby (5 in all) so that we could collect stamps from the places where we would eat or sleep along the Camino. We stopped to buy gas for Esdras’s camping stove.

The way out of León was really difficult. Very steep hills, lots of them!

But we managed to leave! :) And right outside the city, we sat on a park-like bench on the sidewalk to have lunch. Esdras cooked polenta in his stove for us to eat! We also noticed already that in most places people don’t speak English! I’m glad that Portuguese is very similar to Spanish so we could speak Portuguese (very slowly) and they understood us.

We knew very little about the Camino itself, we only had the names of the places we would go through and initially we were a bit confused about how we were going to find the way. But from the albergue in León we noticed little yellow arrows painted on the ground, light posts, signs, walls. Those arrows are pointing the way for the pilgrims. If you’ve done the Camino or know someone who did, you’re probably familiar with the yellow arrows, but it was a very nice surprise. Finding the arrows soon became a game for Evelyn. When our path was not on the motorway anymore, she asked to got off the buggy and walk with us. And she walked A LOT! Melissa took longer to decide to walk but they enjoyed trying to find the arrows on the way.

We have already realized that the weight of our backpacks is too much for our shoulders (backpack plus baby is HEAVY!) so we decided to send the heaviest backpack with the luggage transfer companies. So we’re gonna carry with us only what we need for the day, and send the rest. The buggy and the food we need to have with us is weight enough already. There are many companies who offer this service, you just have to tell them where you want to collect your luggage and they take it there. In our case, we just told them the next hotel we were going to stay.

We’re in the hotel now. We walked more than 20km and we’re hoping tonight will be better than last night! We learned a lot today and we met people that I’m sure we’ll meet again along the Camino. And we became an attraction: nobody has seen a family with 3 small kids walking the Camino before (in every place we stopped)!

But we want everything, the pain in our bodies, the tiredness, the fact that we’re walking with 3 small kids, the fact that we’re staying in hotels (not in the albergues), everything to be used for the glory and honor of our Lord Jesus. And for more people to know the true Way: Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your prayers!

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  • Isabel

    Que legal! Força aí e parabéns pras meninas :) Criança é tudo de bom, né, sempre encontram uma forma divertida de levar a coisa. Beijos

  • Elas estão achando o máximo achar as setas amarelas e pedir os carimbos noa lugares por onde passamos :)
    Tudo vira brincadeira

  • Olá, família peregrina!
    Parabéns pela coragem de fazer o caminho com seus filhos. Muitas bençãos para vocês. Eu já tive a oportunidade de conviver por uns dias com uma família como a tua. O carinho com que o pai os acordava era de impressionar e eles acordavam sem manha. Um feliz caminho. Santiago os guie! Angela,

  • Obrigada pelas palavras de incentivo Angela! Vamos seguindo :) nosso “bom dia” talvez não seja tão amoroso, porque as nossas pequenas são meio devagar de manhã, mas elas são lindas cantando pelo caminho.

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