The Christmas new experience

In my last post I said I’d try to post every week and I spent 3 months without posting here! O_o OK, no more promisses… the problem in spending a long time without writing is that I end up having a ton to talk about! Let’s get started!

Two new things happened in the last Christmas for me and both have to do with “making”. The first was making a decoration (yes, I said making) and I’ll explain why soon. The second was making (cooking in this case) the Christmas dinner.

It was the first Christmas that Evelyn could already understand things and I honestly didn’t want her to associate Christmas with a decorated pine tree (a.k.a. Christmas tree) or with Santa Claus… The true meaning of Christmas is in the Bible and these two items are not included in the original story. That doesn’t mean I’m not planning to give Evelyn any gifts because in the true Christmas story Jesus got presents! But we decided we wouldn’t have pine trees or the long beard man dressed in red…

I was with this fixed idea of making a Nativity scene, but I wouldn’t have time to make a sculpture… So I decided to paint. Those who know me a bit know that I like visual arts, specially paints! I’ve tried oil on canvas when I was in Brazil and ended up leaving all my material there when I moved to Ireland (my heritage to my brother-in-law, LOL!) After sometime, I decided to give acrylic paint a try and that’s what I used to paint my nativity scene. I got inspiration from a clipart that I found online, but as I didn’t have much time and had loads of other prep to do, I focused on the main characters: Joseph, Mary and Jesus. That’s how it turned out:

Who knows if this year I can paint some sheep, cows, wise men and shepherds?! One can dream ;)

Well, regarding the dinner, I bought a frozen turkey that was written “Oven ready”. I thought “great! while I prepare some snacks and side dished I pop the turkey in the oven and voilá!”. On the 23rd, I took the turkey out of the freezer and read that there were some parts inside! I nearly fainted! I had absolutely no idea on what to do with a whole turkey or with how to make a nice seasoning that would be tasty and easy. Google came to my rescue LOL! I found a nice and easy recipe and ended up filling the turkey with the stuffing that I’ve bought to go as a side dish.

In the end, the parts that were in the turkey were 3 organs that were bagged inside the turkey. I didn’t have to clean the bird inside! phew! I used the organs to make a gravy to go with the turkey and was, of course, feeling like THE COOK! If there’s something that I don’t enjoy about housework is cooking… but this time it was really worth it! And it seems like Esdras and our 3 guests liked it too. It was a big relief. Too bad I didn’t take pictures…

Quick updates (ok, maybe not so quick LOL!) Evelyn is nearly 18 months now. She can say some few words and make herself understood with gestures and sounds. She’s very smart! She’s all over the place, running, climbing on our dining chairs, eats fairly well with a spoon (ok, not without some mess,) mounts tower with blocks, pushes her dolls on a dollie buggy and so on. She has changed so much since my last post that I can’t even summarize! Oh, and she’s also a great helper. She helps unloading the dishwasher, loading and unloading the washing machine, and also pushes the vaccuum cleaner around when I’m hoovering our bedrooms! :) She understands all I say in Portuguese and we can see that she’s picking up some English too! Spring is nearly here and she’s already in flip flops :)

I’m getting to the 36th week of my pregnancy. The hospital bag is ready but the baby room is not. We have everything already, we just have to put some things in place, like curtains for example. Evelyn loves to play in the new room, and she seems to know that there’s a baby coming. When we ask her where the baby is, she comes and pets my bump! :) Although the bump is big, I can still do everything. Of course I need some gaps to rest, but I can! And I’m trying to nap when Evelyn naps because my night’s sleep has been really poor. I wake up several times at night, sometimes for nothing, sometimes for pain in my legs, sometimes I need to go to toilet, sometimes thirsty… but all is within expected. At least this time the heartburn is not so bad. I know God has an appointed time for this baby to be born, but I wish this day comes soon! LOL!

Well, I wrote too much already… If you like natural phenomena you might want to peek on Esdras last blog entry about the Northern Lights! He went in a very nice trip to Norway in February and took a bunch of lovely pics of the lights!

Before the farewells, I’d like to ask for your prayer. March 17th is a special day here in Ireland. If you don’t know why, have a look at the posts St. Patrick’s Day and It’s Him Again. We know that we have to talk about God’s love in our daily lives, but we can’t also miss opportunities like these to remind people that St. Patrick wasn’t a long bearded drunk man. He was a godly man who came to Ireland to say that Jesus is the only way to God! Let’s pray that people will find Jesus, thus finding God!

Big hug to all! God bless!

3 comments to The Christmas new experience

  • camila

    Presépio – Mari, ficou lindo! Acredito que ensinar o que ele representa o torna muito mais especial!
    Evelyn – Já uma ajudante nas tarefas de casa, sabe onde está e faz carinho na barriga da mamãe… Que inteligente e linda, gostei dos pesinhos, chinelinho com a bandeirinha do Brasil!!! Abençoada!
    Quarto do bebê – Tom coloridinho, decoração linda também, esperamos vê-lo com o bebê onas próximas fotinhas, ainda mais lindo!
    Que Deus cuide da chegada do bebezinho no tempo certo, continue abençoando a casa de vocês e que o dia 17 também seja abençoado!
    Fiquem com Ele!!!

  • Erika

    Saudades imensas…minha casa nunca mais foi a mesma, depois que a Evelyn passou por lá…sinto falta dessa vitalidade, mas logo logo teremos nosso(a) pimpolhinho por aqui rsrsrsrs
    Na verdade, abri o comentário pra uma perguntinha…você é uma grande escritora(alguém já te disse isso?) Já pensou em escrever um livro???
    Amo vocês pra sempre!!!

  • Logo logo um pimpolho, hein Erika?! Deus tem o tempo certo pra todas as coisas, amiga!
    A ideia do livro já me passou pela cabeça sim, e o Esdras já me cobrou várias vezes que eu preciso escrever… mas não tenho planos concretos ainda. Tenho pedido direção de Deus ;)
    Amamos vcs tb! Abração no Adriano, beijoccas proceis!

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