Why this season again?

The Season is here, few days for Christmas and a bit more for new years eve. Suddenly everything changes for the most waited season. Why? What’s so important about it? In the commercial point of view, this is the time of the year that the shops make more money, because of Christmas commercials the Santa [...]

10 years

(Português) The Alves Passos have participated on the celebration of OM Ireland’s 10 years in Ministry! And Mariana also talks a little bit about her almost 10 years serving the Lord. Challenges and fruit! [...]

Easter is life!


Afraid of…

(Sorry if you came here before and found just a weird conversation, it was part of the post, but I have written it only in Portuguese! Now, 2 weeks later, the English version! )

I admire very much the blog writers that post daily… or even weekly! I don’t have this determination But I’ll put [...]

Spread the news!

It is interesting to notice that there are things we want to run down the streets telling everyone, right? Some things happen to us that seem to trigger the desire for the whole world to know/notice/see that there’s a change in progress. Two things led me to think about this on the past few days.


It’s Him Again

Hi all! I promise I will find some time to take you to a tour in our new house. New house? Yeah! We are temporarily in Budapest, Hungary. The apartment here is not big as the house we were living in Ireland, but I think you will it’s funny, as much as I did. But [...]

Two Birthdays

This is a very special month. I was born in January and this is enough to make the moth special! LOL! We got married in January and that’s also very special! But there is another “birthday” that I celebrate: on the 19th of January 2003 I was born again. How come Mariana?! Jesus said that [...]

3 months, CHRISTmas and the 27

Today is (still) 27 of December, Esdras is turning 27 years old and we found a restaurant named “number 27″ to have a nice birthday dinner. It was our 1st dinner by candle lights since I can’t remember when! Evelyn was with us, of course, poor baby is getting really tired with all this travel [...]

At a distance

Be joyful

Today our little princess is 1 month old! Wow! Time really flies! Of corse we are happy!

The truth is that I’ve shared here my difficulties and frustrations and Tuesday I was reminded of what’s God’s will for us who are Christians. Actually, it was the first time I left Evelyn with Esdras to [...]